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Export Data in SQL

SQL file refers to the structured query language of the same name, SQL files store code used to modify content in a SQL database environment. Such a file extension can store a variety of instructions responsible for the formation, as well as editing the database structure itself. Among such instructions, you can find an insert, delete, update, and so on.

The .sql file can be run using SQL-compatible software suites. It is also possible to open a file with the SQL extension using simple text editors because the file with the SQL extension is a text file.

In this article, we will see how to export SQL data tables from PubyDoc Data Table and Charts plugin.

How to export table in SQL?

Navigate the Publish your Table menu in your WordPress Dashboard and click the All Tables tab. Here you need to select the table to export and click the Export button. The file will be downloaded automatically in SQL format. 

If you need to export more than 1 table, you just can pick up those needed and click Export so that all tables will be downloaded as one SQL file.

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