Product Table

A responsive efficient product table can be created according to your requirements. Add title, sorting, search, pagination, and other features to the products table.

Thumbnail Name Category Season Price Stock Button
Sneakers Nike Sneakers Demiseason $90 124
Sneakers Nike Sneakers Demiseason $110 24
Sneakers Nike Sneakers WInter $55 512
Sneakers Nike Sneakers Demiseason $120 54
Sneakers Nike Sneakers Demiseason $100 23
Converse sneakers Sneakers Summer $70 235
Sneakers Nike Sneakers WInter $45 1
New Balance sneakers Sneakers Summer $50 24
Sneakers Sneakers Demiseason $34 65
Vans sneakers Sneakers Summer $100 90

With the PubyDoc DataTable and Charts plugin, your table has no customization restrictions, for example, in this example we used:
Columns type: Upload File, Single text line, Select Field, Currency, Button/link.
Also used options: lightbox; Sorting; search; row striping; pagination; highlight by mouse hover; table loader; Fixed header.
And as you can see the button with 3d animation, we used CSS editor to implement it.

Check out our detailed documentation to learn more about it.

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