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1. Installation and Activation

We welcome you to PubyDoc and have created this tutorial to help you get started using Data Tables and Charts WordPress Plugin easily in a couple of steps.

Installing plugin

1. In the left panel of WordPress, click Plugins > Add New.
2. Search for “PubyDoc Data Table and Charts” and click “Install”.

Install Pubydoc Data Table

3. When the installation is completed, click the “Activate” Plugin. You will see a new plugin, ready to work in the admin menu.

Activate plugun

To install the PRO version of the plugin follow the next steps:

  1. A download zip archive with PRO version
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload the archive > Activate Plugin.
  3. After activation of the PRO version, you need to enter the license key.
    • Go to the plugin in the WordPress navigation menu.
    • Click the License tab on the left navigation menu of the plugin.
    • Enter your email and license key.
    • Click the Activate button.

Create a new table

Now, let’s go ahead and create our first table. Well, you are now ready to create your first data table.

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