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How to add media to a table

Media files are something you need to consider adding to your table to help your audience to understand written information quickly without any ambiguity or confusion. A table may look more eye-catching if it’s combined with attractive visual information. 

PubyDoc Data Table and Charts plugin allows adding photos, videos, audios, and even YouTube links to your tables. You can add media files to a separate cell, the whole column, or the group of selected cells. Let’s explore the details about how to add media content to tables. 

How to add an image?

In order to insert an image, select a cell(or a group of cells), move to the Extended builder section, and click the Formats for cells value option. From the Select data type dropdown, pick up the File upload option.

Add Image

Here you go, now you may upload an image to a cell by clicking the paper icon.

Paper Icon

How to add a video file?

In order to add a video file to a table, firstly you have to set a column to be the corresponding data type. To do so, click the gear icon near the title of a column, from the Data type dropdown select the File upload option.

Column media

Let’s insert a video file using the Insert Media option in the Extended builder section.

Insert Media

How to add an audio?

To upload an audio file to a table set the File upload format for a cell(or a group of cells or the whole column). An audio file can be uploaded by clicking the Insert Media option.


To add a YouTube video link to a table, create an HTML field type column/cell.

HTML fied

Go to YouTube.com and open the desired video. Click on the share button and in the newly-opened window, select the embed icon to receive the iframe code. Copy the code and paste it to a cell.

Video Type
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