Editable data table

Thanks to the editable cells and frontend fields options, you can only allow your external users to view and edit their own data; for example, their own orders or requests, their own items added to the warehouse, etc. With this, users will be able to have full functions: create, read, update, delete for their records, but will not be able to view, edit or delete records made by others.

Below is a booking form created with the PubyDoc Data Table and Charts plugin:

Reserve a sports ground and we will call you back!

Enter your name:
How many people will be at the event?
Enter your phone number:
Select the date of the event: 28-Jan-22
Select event time: 12.00
Choose a sports ground: Basketball (30x15)
Upload a passport to conclude a rental agreement:

Check out our detailed documentation to learn more about it.

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