Media content in Data Table

PubyDoc Data Table and Charts are suitable for displaying any type of data, including audio, video files, and other multimedia content. For example, you can include an MP3 music player or embedded videos or Youtube videos directly in your datasheet so people can watch and listen without having to navigate to another page.

Video Author Title Duration Viewings Channel
Create WP Site WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2021 [Made Easy] 30:49 282 670 Youtube
Tyler Moore How To Make a WordPress Website - For Beginners 1:12:34 5 442 954 Youtube
freeCodeCamp How To Make a Website With WordPress - 2021 (Beginners Tutorial) 1:45:23 291 955 Youtube
WebYoda How To Make a WordPress Website ~ 2022 ~ A WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2:47:09 426 794 Youtube

In the example above, we used an HTML video embed from YouTube video hosting.

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