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Export Data Table in CSV

You can export reports in delimited text format. Delimited text format is one of the most popular export formats because the resulting file can be used as an import source by many applications. The Data Table and Charts plugin has a built-in option to save data in CSV format.

How to export table in CSV? 

In order to export a table, select the one you need and open the settings page. Here click on the Export button. 

Export Data

In the opened window, click on the CSV tab. 

Here you may set the Delimiter from the dropdown list. 

The Export raw values option allows to saving the raws data.

The Save header as first line option will convert a header into the cells in the column.


Export a table from frontend 

Besides, the regular exportation settings, the Data Table and Charts plugin has an option that allows exporting a table from the frontend in CSV, MS Excel 2007(.xlsx), MS Excel 2003 (.xls), PDF. You can check our guide to find out more.

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