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Multi Chart

Multi Chart diagrams are those diagrams that show two or more sets of data simultaneously using several diagrams at a time. It is usually used to highlight the particular data from all others or if there is a need to include into diagram different kind of information e.g. you need to showcase the information about different countries such as population in different years, the areas, etc. 

Here is how the data look in a table.

Multi Chart Table

How it looks in the chart.

Multi Chart

After setting up the needed info for the chart, you’d probably look for a way to customize its appearance. To do so, you need to move to the Layout tab.

You can enable the Auto size option to automatically set up the size of a diagram or turn off the option and set the size manually in the newly appeared section. 

Enable/disable the Show title checkbox.  Change the color and the size of the title of your diagram. 

Here you can hide/show the legend, and change its location(furthermore, the location of the legend can be changed easily by dragging and dropping just right in the preview).

Check the  Use custom colors option if there is a need to change the color of the diagram’s items.


The Advanced tab has settings for each type of item. The Types for charts option determines types for charts. The same types will be set to the same settings.

Types for charts

There is the Lines section to pick up and customize the kid of lines for a chart.


The markers can be changed in the Markers section.


For bubbles setting, you can move to the Bubble section.


In the Text position dropdown, you can set the positions of the value text elements with respect to the (x,y) coordinates.

Text position

In the Bar text position dropdown, you can select whether the text will be inside or outside the bars. 

Inside option locate the text next to the bar end (rotated and scaled if needed). 

Outside position means that the text is outside, next to the bar end (scaled if needed), unless there is another bar stacked on this one, then the text gets pushed inside. 

Auto option places the text inside the bar, but if the bar is too small and no bar is stacked on this one the text is moved outside.

The Hover info section is responsible for the data that will be displayed on the chart on hover. They are X value, Y value, and Name.

What’s even more, Y-Axis and X-Axis of the diagrams created with the help of the Data Tables plugin can be changed directly in the preview mode by just moving them. Moreover, you can change the title of the axis just hover on them and click to set the title. 

Besides, you can insert the diagram into the table. To do it, open a table, click on the Extended builder and enable Do shortcodes in the selected cells option. Then copy the shortcode of a diagram and paste it to the cell.

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