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Synchronizing tables from GoogleSheets - PubyDoc - Data Tables and Charts WordPress Plugin
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Welcome to our Documentation

Synchronizing tables from GoogleSheets

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google.
In simple words, this is an extremely popular way to create and edit tables on the web due to its advanced functionality. It is free, does not require installation of any software on the client’s computer, supports data import from popular office programs, and stores all data online. Of course, we have integrated this way of creating tables into our plugin and we can confidently say that PubyDoc DataTable and Charts support Google tables as an input data source.

Preparing a Google Spreadsheet for Import

Open Google Spreadsheets, find the table you want to use in wpDataTables; or create it.

To create a new Google Spreadsheet, click the plus button in the bottom right corner:

Google Spreadsheet

Once you have opened Google Spreadsheet Editing Mode, you can enter the required data. In addition, you can copy and paste the table data from your favorite software, in our example, it is a video card comparison.

Google changed their API recently and block direct access on already published sheets.

What you need to do in your Google sheet is to share this sheet with anyone.

On your already published sheet, you need to click on the button Share from the top right corner of your sheet.

Google Table

In the modal window that appears, click Edit for everyone with link text.

People and groups
Anyone with the link

Now let’s copy the link.
Important! Do not copy the share link, you need to copy exactly the URL link of the table.

URL link

Now that the Google Spreadsheet is ready, let’s sync the data with the new PubyDoc DataTable.

Create Table

Now go to the PubyDoc Data Table plugin in the WordPress admin and click “Add Table”.
Here, let’s select GoogleSheet Table.

Create Table

Next, you can enter the title of the table. (You can change it later.)
Enter the Google Spreadsheet URL link.
Check the box if you want to use the first line as a header. (columns will take their names from the first row)
And click “Create Table“.

Setting up the data table

After you click “Create Table” the table will be synchronized with the plugin.

Setting up the data table

If the data in the Google spreadsheet has changed and you need to update it in the plugin spreadsheet, then click the go button.
!To replace a table, just insert a new link to the desired table and hit go, all data will be replaced.

The GO button only updates the table data, all the options you set will be saved for the current table.

Well, the table based on Google Sheets data has been created, now you can proceed to the table settings, the same as for a regular table created manually.

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