How to effectively manage a remote team with PubyDoc Data Table and Charts

In today’s rapidly developing world, when information and resources become available to each of the parties, the work in offices is becoming less and less popular. Today, remote work is in demand and lots of businesses hire the best specialists from different countries, and managing remote teams is becoming a new responsibility for the leader. The main task of the manager of such teams is to train, guide, and support team members, which in itself is not an easy task. This could be a challenge to find a new approach to the team this article contains some useful tips that may help you organize all the work processes in the right way. 

Keep Communication

Keep communication

It is important to find convenient programs for remote work with projects and communication with each team member. Among the most popular and convenient tools are:

  • Slack is a convenient corporate messenger for communication and file transfer. Easily integrates with Trello and many other apps.
  • Zoom is a video conferencing platform for hundreds of people. 
  • Google Docs is a resource for working with documents, allowing participants to simultaneously make edits, leave comments and communicate.
  • Zapier is the program that helps to sort out the routine. 
  • Miro is an interactive board for ideas and reflections. You can draw, write, stick stickers, etc.

Tools for Managing the Team

Tools for managment

To begin with, you should remember that your task is not to ensure that the employee reports for every second of working time, but to get results from everyone without breaking deadlines. Excessive control does not lead to anything good. Here are a few apps that will help you set up an effective interaction with employees:

  • actiTIME
  • Taiga
  • Basecamp
  • Liquid Planner
  • FreedCamp
  • BamBam!, etc.

Ok, we get aquatinted with the tools to manage and communicate with the team. The next step is to take care of the bureaucracy things like employee wages, their personal information, business hours, and so on. For this purpose, you can use PubyDoc Data Table and Charts. So you can create responsive tables for keeping, sorting, graphs, and pagination of the employees’ info. 

Let’s create columns to store names, positions, country, salaries, anything you want.

Photo First Name Last Name Age Direction Residence Position Date Salary Shares Portfolio
Mike Smith 41 Software Toronto, Canada Project Manager 07/11/2011 $100000 2.50%
Robert Greenwood 35 Software Bergamo, Italy UI designer 02/01/2022 $120000 2.00%
Bobby Kroos 33 Software Keln, Germany Developer 04/01/2022 $75000 1.00%
Harry Lineker 32 Software Oslo, Norway Developer 09/01/2014 $110000 1.00%
Elaina Jones 27 Software Melbourne, Australia UX designer 05/06/2017 $60000 0.45%
Tetyana Korsun 27 Gamedev Kyiv, Ukraine Developer 10/01/2022 $77000 0.20%
Gregory Brown 24 Gamedev Dortmund, Germany Developer 11/01/2022 $80000 0.10%
Lili James 24 Software Miami, USA Developer 01/10/2022 $70000 0.10%
Jeam Szcherbatski 24 Gamedev Praha, Czech Developer 01/10/2022 $90000 0.00%
Alex Mereshko 21 Gamedev Moscow, Russia Tester 01/03/2022 $50000 0.00%
Julia Mount 22 Gamedev Kyiv, Ukraine Tester 01/03/2022 $44000 0%
Jessica Asensio 18 Software Madrid, Spain Tester 21/01/2022 $35000 0%
Mark Zapatski 18 Gamedev Toronto, Canada Tester 01/10/2022 $35000 0%

Besides, the Data Table plugin has an option that allows employees to fill the data from the frontend, so a team member can fill the task he/she performs during the day.

The other useful option is that the information from a table can be easily shown up in charts so that you can compare the productivity in the different months for example.


What’s even more, there is an opportunity to download the data from the table in CSV, PDF, or MS Excel formats or just print the table.

You can learn more about the plugin’s settings from the documentation.

Formulate Ground Rules for the Remote Team

Write down how you see the working day of your remote team and create a working guide. Prepare online teaching documents for remote interaction. You can record videos or screencasts for remote employees so that they understand what programs, on what platforms they will have to work with the rest of the team.

Make Flexible Schedule

Some employees are productive at 7 am, while others are more comfortable starting work at noon. For example, the largest web service for hosting IT projects GitHub advises letting employees manage their own time. If team members live in different time zones, agree on a convenient time slot for everyone to be in touch.


Keep Informal Communication

Start channels, chat rooms, or entire servers for informal chatting and for useful communication. The culture of the official company often rests on joint dinners, tea parties, coffee trips, smoking rooms, and Friday beers. Try to make an analog of all this in your corporate messenger where you can swear and post obscene stickers.


The current global market and the current situation in the world with the Coronavirus epidemic has led to the fact that many workers have switched to remote work. This trend will continue after the end of the pandemic. It is now necessary for management to rebuild and reconsider their team management skills. With the right tips and tricks for managing remote workers effectively, you can keep your department productive. 

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