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Is it possible to boost a successful business on WordPress today? The answer is yes. There are millions of freelancers making a living online and many of them have WordPress-powered businesses. WordPress continues to evolve as a simple and versatile publishing platform without signs of slowing down. This means that the platform continues to attract new users, which leads to an increase in demand for WordPress-related services. You can scale and extend the basic functionality of the software to achieve just about everything you want, themes, and custom-built apps. It is much more than a simple blogging platform. You can create any type of website or complex web application with WordPress. 

There are plenty of free (and paid) resources to help your business idea grows rapidly.  This article covers the tips on boosting your business using one of the greatest plugins for customizing data in your website Data Table WordPress plugin.

Simplify Data Entry 

Many businesses require different types of data showcasing e.g. staff info with different attributes like contact information, job title, etc. Data Table WordPress plugin extended the default WP data entry so that the data can be displayed in tables that make it easy to manipulate. For example, a company’s employees could be added as individual posts, but the approach isn’t very scalable. The crew may want to break each member into structured data: position, age,  etc. Maybe a company wants to store a portfolio of each employee. Here comes the plugin which can provide an easy way to input data.

Photo First Name Last Name Age Direction Residence Position Date Salary Shares Portfolio
Mike Smith 41 Software Toronto, Canada Project Manager 07/11/2011 $100000 2.50%
Robert Greenwood 35 Software Bergamo, Italy UI designer 02/01/2022 $120000 2.00%
Bobby Kroos 33 Software Keln, Germany Developer 04/01/2022 $75000 1.00%
Harry Lineker 32 Software Oslo, Norway Developer 09/01/2014 $110000 1.00%
Elaina Jones 27 Software Melbourne, Australia UX designer 05/06/2017 $60000 0.45%
Tetyana Korsun 27 Gamedev Kyiv, Ukraine Developer 10/01/2022 $77000 0.20%
Gregory Brown 24 Gamedev Dortmund, Germany Developer 11/01/2022 $80000 0.10%
Lili James 24 Software Miami, USA Developer 01/10/2022 $70000 0.10%
Jeam Szcherbatski 24 Gamedev Praha, Czech Developer 01/10/2022 $90000 0.00%
Alex Mereshko 21 Gamedev Moscow, Russia Tester 01/03/2022 $50000 0.00%
Julia Mount 22 Gamedev Kyiv, Ukraine Tester 01/03/2022 $44000 0%
Jessica Asensio 18 Software Madrid, Spain Tester 21/01/2022 $35000 0%
Mark Zapatski 18 Gamedev Toronto, Canada Tester 01/10/2022 $35000 0%


Having in its army powerful tools for optimization and showcasing statistical data, the Data Tabe plugin allows demonstrating information easily.  For example, the growth of subscribers to your service can be shown up in charts. The plugin has area, line, bar, bubble, multi, and pie chart types. Let’s take as an example the popular platform Netflix and display the growth of its users. To pull out the information in a chart, you need to add it first to a table.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
2019 2020 2021 Total
North America 33000000 40000000 23000000 96000000
Europe 10000000 14000000 15000000 39000000
Asia 2500000 5000000 7000000 14500000
South America 3500000 2000000 4000000 9500000

And based on that info create a chart

[pyt-diagram id=2] 


Ok, you are running e-commerce with thousands of pages in a table. The speed of the website might be extremely low. In order not to lose visitors because of endless loading, the Data table and Charts plugin has optimization settings and a few other useful settings.


For example, the Server-side Processing option is made specially for large tables that cannot be processed conventionally. The table will be sequentially loaded by ajax on a per-page basis, all filtering, ordering, and search clauses are server-side implemented too. Besides, there are Searching, Sorting, and Pagination functions which can also come in handy. 

User Interaction

A strong visualization is a very important part that is necessary for dividing text information to make it more understandable and readable. However, it is not enough. A customer shouldn’t get bored, so you can offer some kind of interaction with the data like in social networks. Data Table plugin has frontend editable fields like booking an event or entering parameters for the model of any clothes to get the prices. 

Enter your name:
How many people will be at the event?
Enter your phone number:
Select the date of the event: 28-Jan-22
Select event time: 12.00
Choose a sports ground: Basketball (30x15)
Upload a passport to conclude a rental agreement:

The Bottom Line 

WordPress has become tremendously popular among different businesses. Instead of digging into the code for building functionality, there are custom plugins that can make your life easier. Such plugins as PubyDoc Data Table and Charts companies use existing data and keep all management under the same roof. If you need to find out more about the functionality, you can dive deeper into the documentation.

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